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Images are retouched to create a more flattering portrait. Spots, blemishes, lines and wrinkles can be reduced or removed. Skin can be made smoother and softer, eyes enhanced, bags removed and shadows reduced.  The level of retouching is up to you, for fashion images the effect can be as extreme as you wish.  For most portraits I recommend enhancement - in essence using photoshop as digital make up, aiming for a natural look.

Restore your old photographs to their former glory.  Your damaged and faded old photographs can be enhanced and restored.  Blemishes removed, tears and scratches repaired, stains and colour casts removed.  Areas of the photography can be rebuilt or replaced. The level of restoration of  each image can vary dramatically, and can often be a very time intensive undertaking, each image is assessed and charged on an individual basis.

Two or more images are combined for effect. Objects and people can be super-imposed into different environments. Heads can be swapped from suitable donor images. Montages and collages of several images can be artfully combined into a final composition.

We can help you realise a specific look or feel for your images.  Whether you want your colour image converted to B&W, split toned or a sepia tint applied - we can find the look you want.  The colour/tone of an image can be altered either globally or locally.

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